Mosquitoes are well known flies with small wings. They can grow up to 8mm in length. They are easily distinguishable from other flies as they have long thing legs, a more narrow body and smaller head.

Why is it considered a pest?

Mosquito’s are a pest because they carry extremely harmful diseases which can affect the health of a human. Besides that, they generally feed in numbers and their buzzing sound can be quite irritating to people.

Where can it be found in Australia?

Mosquito’s can be found nationally across Australia.

Where it’s usually found in the home?

Generally, mosquitos are situated outside of the home, however, large amounts of lighting and humans can attract numerous amounts inside the home. Eggs are laid in water and larvae are aquatic and known as Wrigglers. They can breed in small amounts water such as tree holes, plant pot saucers, water bowls for pets, rain filled discarded containers and any water source they have easy access to.

Typical signs of infestation?

Large amounts of mosquito activity in you house vicinity and visible signs of nests in water sources around your home. HOT TIP: infestation can be tricky to tell, because mosquito’s can travel long distances from a water source such as a river or lake which is a likely habitat for them to breed.

Common types of Mosquito?

  • Dengue Mosquito
  • Brown House Mosquito