Moths belong to the same group as butterflies, however are generally less popular and not as flashy in appearance. They have large compound eyes, long antennae and tube-like mouthparts that are rolled up when not in use. Their 4 membranous wings are covered in a double layer of overlapping scales, which can be brightly coloured and elaborately patterned.

Why is it considered a pest?
Moths are considered a pest because they consume through human valuables, such as clothing, foods, fabrics etc.

Where can it be found in Australia?
They can be found throughout mainland Australia

Where it’s usually found in the home?
Moths can be found in one of the three places (depending on the species) listed:

  1. Kitchen Pantry or any place with a food source
  2. Cupboard or any place with a fabric or clothing source
  3. Anywhere with strong electrical lighting

Typical signs of infestation?
Consumed food, holes in clothing, sighting of maggots, high activity around general electrical lighting.

Common types of Moth?

  • Pantry Moth
  • Clothing Moth