Common Wasp
The Common Wasp is a social insect with bold black and yellow bands. Adult workers can grow between 12mm to 17mm long. Queen wasps grow as large as 20mm long.

Location in Australia
The Common wasp is located nationally around Australia.

Location in Home
The common wasp will build nests outside of homes. Usually under eaves, balconies or in nearby trees.

What time of Year it’s found
The common wasp will only be seen during the warmer months in a year.

Common wasps feed on nectar and sweet fruit. They collect insects including caterpillars to feed to their larvae.

Why it’s a pest
Wasps are considered pests due to their harmful sting they can cause on humans. The issue is that wasps rarely sting once, they usually sting multiple times which can cause people to react in different ways.

Prevention can be easily maintained through correct disposal of food sources and constant awareness of wasp population growth. DO NOT try and dispose of a nest without the correct cautionary procedures.