Ant Pest Control Products

What is it?

You don’t need to have myrmecophobia to want a home that is free from ants. Ants are destructive to sustenance and property, and where there is one ant, there are often thousands more. Although they’re mostly harmless, ants can become serious pests in numbers, and their colonies can be tiresome and labour-intensive to remove when allowed to grow. This may not bother you so much if you’re in the great outdoors, but if an ant infestation is occurring in your home, you’ll need to remove the problem fast using ant pest control measures.

Ants form colonies and appear to operate as a unified entity, working together to collect resources that support the entire colony. When desirable items are found, ants will recruit fellow mates to accompany them into the outside world.

Fortunately, a combination of solid prevention strategies and ant pest control products can ensure most ant problems are easily solved. In saying this, there’s nothing worse than dealing with an ant colony, only to realise you didn’t get them all, and they’ve come right back.

You’ll need to make sure you’re not just using any old insect spray or ant killer. When it comes to dealing with ants once and for all, you need a reliable, effective assortment of ant pest control products. That’s where Hovex comes in.

Hovex is Australia’s leading provider of effective, innovative, and practical pest solutions. Established as a brand in 1949, Hovex has since developed into one of Australia’s leading pest control brands. In time, we’ve developed a wide range of products available in all leading supermarket and hardware chains to deal with the following nasties:

Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths, Silverfish, Wasps, Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Cockroaches, Ticks, Rodents and Bed Bugs.

The Hovex Brand has been built on three simple principles:

Effectiveness – Hovex products will solve your pest issues. If not, you’ll get your money back.
Innovation – Hovex has consistently innovated within the market, aiming to deliver the best possible results to all users. Nothing beats our ‘Extra Strength Formulations’, made and developed with just one thing in mind: controlling unwanted pests.
Value – Buying Australian Made and Owned shouldn’t mean paying more. We make a commitment to our loyal consumers that we’ll continue to offer you value products that are widely accessible.

When it comes to ridding your home of ants, there’s only one choice – Hovex.

Hovex’s Ant Spider Cockroach Barrier Spray 350g provides effective ant pest control for up to 6 months, killing them fast. With an easy-to-use trigger spray and fresh eucalyptus fragrance, this product is perfect for use inside the home, keeping you and your family safe from unwanted insect intruders.



Hovex’s assortment of reliable ant killers is far-reaching. Whatever the size of your problem, you can guarantee we have a solution in the form of sprays, powders, and traps. Need to kill ants in their nests? Maybe you need to spray difficult to reach places. Hovex’s Ant & Wasp Dust Killer 500g delivers fast and effective ant pest control results, killing ants on contact.

Our products are made in Australia, for Australian conditions, to kill Australian pests.


Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

Will Ant Pest Control Get Rid of Ants?

Pest control will get rid of ants; however, it will take time. The time needed to remove an ant colony from your home will increase the longer you wait to take action. If you have a bad infestation, you may require continued pest control measures to rid yourself of the problem.

Using a combination of ant pest control products and getting on the problem early will make your life easier when getting rid of ants.

Does Pest Control Kill the Ants?

Ant pest control measures will kill ants; however, it will take time, and in some bad cases, it can take months. This is why we recommend getting on the problem early and installing preventative measures such as regular cleaning and scanning for potential colonies.

Ant traps and baits are the most common method of extermination and are an effective measure against the sheer size of ant colonies. Use gel baits in cohesion with sprays and other products to ensure adequate coverage of the problem.

How Much is Pest Control for Ants?

Enlisting the services of professional pest control services can cost anywhere from $200 – $600, depending on the size of the problem.

In saying this, you can save money by getting on the problem early and removing ants upon first sight. All of our ant pest control products are accessible and affordable, available from all leading supermarket and hardware retailers. Save yourself time, money, and stress by using Hovex ant pest control products. Product pricing varies, but you can expect to pay around 90% less than you would to call a professional to your home.

How Does Ant Killer Work?

Hovex Ant Killer Powder 500g uses permethrin as its active ingredient, killing all ants that come into contact with it by effectively interfering with the operation of their nervous systems. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, ant killer can be used on floors, in cupboards, in wall cavities or roof voids.

Does Ant Killer Kill Termites?

Termites can be hazardous and inconvenient to deal with. While termites and ants are not from the same family, their anatomical structures are pretty similar. Thus, ant killer can be effective in killing termites if necessary.

Is Ant Killer Harmful to Humans?

Fortunately, ant killers don’t work exactly the same way in humans as they do in insects or are in such low concentration that there is a low risk for harmful effects.

However, with long-term exposure, it is possible that damage to the liver can occur. The act of huffing or smoking ant killer can cause irreversible damage or even death.

Typical signs of Infestation?

The typical signs of ant infestation include:


Frequent sightings of ants inside the house and at home entrances.


A build up of ant activity in the gardens such as dirt mounds etc.


In some cases, damage to structure of home (timber areas, cracks in brick walls)

  • Argentine Ant
  • Odorous House Ant
  • Coastal Brown Ant
  • Carpenter Ant
  • Australian Bull Ant
  • Black House Ant
  • Red Imported Fire Ant