Cockroach Spray Products

What is it?

Cockroaches are not a welcome addition to any home. As Australians, most of us are quite familiar with the pure horror experienced when you see a cockroach skittering across your floorboards or, worse yet, coming right for you. Their connection with filth and quick, scurrying movements can certainly create a lot of anxiety within the home when spotted. And they’re not just unsightly, they can also carry harmful pathogens and exacerbate allergies.

Fortunately, a combination of prevention strategies and pest control products such as cockroach spray can ensure most cockroach problems are easily solved. In saying this, there’s nothing worse than spraying a cockroach with insecticide, only to see it run away and hide under a cupboard, leaving you unsure as to whether it died or not.

You’ll need to make sure you’re using not just any old fly spray or cockroach spray. With cockroaches, you need a reliable, effective cockroach spray that results in an instant kill. That’s where Hovex comes in.

Hovex is a proudly owned Australian brand that focuses entirely on providing Australians with effective, innovative, and reliable pest solutions. First seen as a brand in 1949, Hovex has since developed into one of Australia’s leading pest control brands. In time, we’ve developed a wide range of products available in all leading supermarket and hardware chains to deal with the following nasties:

Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths, Silverfish, Wasps, Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Cockroaches, Ticks, Rodents and Bed Bugs.

The Hovex Brand has been built on three simple principles:

  • Effectiveness – Hovex products will solve your pest issues. If not, you’ll get your money back.
  • Innovation – Hovex has consistently innovated within the market, aiming to deliver the best possible results to all users. Nothing beats our ‘Extra Strength Formulations’, made and developed with just one thing in mind: controlling unwanted pests.
  • Value – Buying Australian Made and Owned shouldn’t mean paying more. We make a commitment to our loyal consumers that we’ll continue to offer you value products that are widely accessible.

When it comes to ridding your home of cockroaches, there’s only one choice – Hovex.

Hovex’s Ant Spider Cockroach Barrier Spray 350g provides effective protection against crawling insects for up to 6 months, killing them fast. With an easy-to-use trigger spray and fresh eucalyptus fragrance, this product is perfect for use inside the home, keeping you and your family safe from unwanted insect intruders. Made in Australia, for Australian conditions, to kill Australian pests.



Cockroach Spray Frequently Asked Questions

What Attracts Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are attracted to easily accessible food sources, whether it’s human food, pet food or even cardboard, glue, and soap. Make sure you don’t leave food, dirty dishes or plates around the place when finished, clean under appliances regularly and ensure your garbage bins are well covered and regularly removed.

Cockroaches also love moisture and shelter and are attracted to warm and humid environments. Check around your sinks and drains for leaks and clean up and excess water present.

Where Do Cockroaches Hide?

Given cockroaches attraction to moisture and shelter, kitchens and bathrooms are spots that are frequently visited.

Other common hiding spots include cabinets and drawers, appliances, sinks, drains, pipes, trash cans, behind and under tiles, underneath furniture, inside vents and outlets, inside electronics, basements, baseboards, and closets.

You may also notice cockroach droppings around the nest’s location, or your nose can help you sniff it out as most cockroach nests have a strong, foul odour.

What are the Signs of a Cockroach Infestation?

Cockroaches leave behind signs of their presence that are easy to spot, likely before you even see the cockroach itself. As nocturnal creatures, cockroaches usually hide out of sight during the day, only becoming active at night to search for food.

You can spot a cockroach infestation by looking out for the following signs:

  • Cockroach droppings
  • Smear marks
  • Shed skin
  • Signs of damage in unusual locations
  • Unusual odours

When Is the Best Time to Spray for Cockroaches?

Cockroaches love humidity, and often come out into the open during the warmer months of spring and summer to breed. As such, the best time to have your home sprayed is early Spring. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to destroy nests and colonies when pest numbers are low, making your pest control measures last longer.

This being said, it’s never too late to spray for pests. If you begin to see signs of an infestation, get on it as soon as possible.

Does Cockroach Spray Work?

Yes, cockroach spray works. An effective cockroach spray such as HOVEX Ant Spider Cockroach Barrier Spray 350g should be used to be certain of a successful outcome. When the spray is used on a cockroach, the insect experiences a knockdown effect, preventing the nerves from sending and transmitting signals. This leads to paralysis and death. The chemicals within cockroach spray are harmful for cockroaches, but not for humans. In saying this, we do not recommend you spray the mixture on your skin.

How Does Bug Spray Kill Cockroaches?

Cockroach spray is solvent-based, and the spray itself produces large droplets. When the droplets hit a cockroach, they quickly spread across its waxy surface, penetrating the cuticle and absorbing inside the cockroach for a quick kill.

Does Fly Spray Kill Cockroaches?

Fly spray is somewhat effective against cockroaches; however, occasional use of fly spray is not enough to solve a cockroach problem. We recommend using cockroach specific spray and applying preventative measures in areas of frequent visitation to prevent the reappearance of cockroaches in your home.

How to Use Cockroach Spray

You should use cockroach spray on frequently visited areas, such as areas near garbage bins little cracks and crevasses in tiles, walls or behind appliances. If using on a cockroach out in the open, spray the mixture directly on the cockroach for a couple of seconds to paralyse and eventually kill it.

Typical signs of Infestation?

The typical signs of ___ infestation include: