Mosquito Repellent

What is it?

With warm weather comes many enjoyable outdoor activities like summer barbeques, pool parties and backyard cricket. Unfortunately, mosquitos love warm weather too. Mosquitoes are annoying at the best of times and dangerous at the worst. Some mosquitoes have their peak biting periods during dusk and dawn, while others are active throughout the middle of the day.

Although their presence is inevitable, this doesn’t mean you have to suffer through itchy bites, annoying buzzes, and sickness. Through a combination of prevention strategies and pest control products such as indoor and outdoor mosquito repellent, most mosquito problems are easily solved.

There is nothing worse than thinking you’ve gotten rid of the problem, only for the mosquitoes to come back in droves. As such, you need to make sure you’re not using any old mosquito repellent. If you want to prevent mosquitoes from ruining your summertime activities, you’ll need a reliable, effective, and fast-acting mosquito repellent that results in instant alleviation, you’ll need Hovex.


Hovex is a proudly owned all-Australian brand that focuses entirely on providing Australia with effective, innovative, and reliable pest solutions. First seen as a brand in 1949, Hovex has since developed into one of Australia’s leading pest control brands. In time, we’ve developed a wide range of products, including mosquito repellent that are available in all leading supermarket and hardware chains.

At Hovex, we’re the experts in dealing with the following nasties:

Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths, Silverfish, Wasps, Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Cockroaches, Ticks, Rodents and Bed Bugs.

The Hovex Brand has been built on three simple principles:

  • Effectiveness – Hovex products will solve your pest issues. If not, you’ll get your money back.
  • Innovation – Hovex has consistently innovated within the market, aiming to deliver the best possible results to all users. Nothing beats our ‘Extra Strength Formulations’, made and developed with just one thing in mind: controlling unwanted pests.
  • Value – Buying Australian Made and Owned shouldn’t mean paying more. We make a commitment to our loyal consumers that we’ll continue to offer you value products that are widely accessible.

When it comes to ridding your home of mosquitoes, there’s only one choice – Hovex.

The Hovex Vaporgard Outdoor Fly & Mosquito Shield uses active vapor technology to provide you with invisible and odourless protection against flies and mosquitoes for up to 6 hours.

Likewise, the Hovex Indoor & Outdoor Insect Control System enables you to protect yourself against mosquitoes indoors and outdoors with two metered unit devices, two refills and two remotes. A value for money automatic control kit, this innovative metered unit combines indoor and outdoor control settings in one unit for versatility and to suit your preferences. This kit will effortlessly eliminate pesky mosquitoes using a plant-based active ingredient that provides protection for up to 28 days.

Keep you and your family safe from mosquitoes this summer with Hovex. Made in Australia, for Australian conditions, to kill Australian pests.


Mosquito Repellent Frequently Asked Questions

How to Repel Mosquitoes in Yard

You’ll be able to successfully repel mosquitoes in your yard with a combination of strategies. First and foremost, the regular use of outdoor mosquito repellent will prevent mosquitoes from entering your vicinity. Outside of this, you can also:

  1. Mow your lawn regularly – Mosquitoes love to nest in tall vegetation. Keeping your grass short and low to the ground will prevent them from setting up base in your yard.
  2. Use yellow bug lights outside – Mosquitoes are attracted to incandescent lighting. By changing your lights to yellow ‘bug lights’, they won’t be as interested.
  3. Drain standing water – Mosquitoes use standing water as breeding sites to lay their eggs. Make sure there are no clogged gutters, watering cans or puddles in the yard that mosquitoes might use to breed.
  4. Install Hovex Fly & Mosquito Repel Coils – Our repel coils will dissuade flies and mosquitoes from entering your yard. Boosted with citronella for an even more effective repellent, these repel coils burn for up to 8 hours.

Is Mosquito Repellent Harmful?

Outdoor and indoor mosquito repellents are completely safe to use. When you consider that mosquitoes are often carriers of extremely harmful diseases, the use of mosquito repellent can prevent us from being infected with these diseases.

Whilst some repellents may trigger an allergic reaction for some people, the actual harm and risk is low to none. Similarly, there’s nothing more serious to fear than a mild skin reaction in some people, which is completely treatable. For mosquito repellent to be harmful in a way that would pose serious health risk, would need to ingest it or use it in a way that would result in large amounts of the liquid getting into your system.

Make sure to use the repellent as directed on the label. Directions for use are found on the bottle itself.

Why Does Mosquito Repellent Work?

Female mosquitoes feed on human blood to get the protein they need to make eggs. They detect the ‘smell’ of our skin when searching for their next feed.

Outdoor and indoor mosquito repellents work to mask these triggers, leading mosquitoes elsewhere for their feed.

Does Mosquito Repellent Work on Cockroaches?

It is unlikely that mosquito repellent would work on cockroaches. This is because the bodily composition of mosquitos is different to cockroaches and thus reacts differently to the chemicals within repellent.

To effectively control cockroach infestations, make sure that you do not leave food unattended in the open. Clean your garbage bins and use cockroach spray on cockroaches when necessary.

What Can You Use as Mosquito Repellent?

The most effective ingredient to repel mosquitoes is citronella. Citronella is a common, natural, and effective essential oil that works against mosquitos. Citronella can protect you for hours and provides consistent protection against mosquitoes.

Hovex’s Fly and Mosquito Repel Coils are boosted with citronella to provide adequate protection against mosquitoes outdoors and indoors.

Other commonly used ingredients to repel mosquitoes include lavender oil, thyme oil, cinnamon oil, lemon eucalyptus oil and more.

Typical signs of Infestation?

The typical signs of ___ infestation include:


Large amounts of mosquito activity in you house vicinity and visible signs of nests in water sources around your home. HOT TIP: infestation can be tricky to tell, because mosquito’s can travel long distances from a water source such as a river or lake which is a likely habitat for them to breed.

  • Dengue Mosquito
  • Brown House Mosquito