Pantry Moth Traps

What is it?

Pantry moths are small-winged pests commonly found indoors, in locations where food or ingredients are sorted, such as kitchens, storefronts, food processing plants or pantries. One of the most annoying pests to deal with, pantry moths are known to cause terrible damage to food, spoiling it as it becomes invaded by larvae.

Maybe you’ve gone into the pantry to grab some flour, only to notice strange webbing on the surface of the flour or even some wriggling. While it may be annoying to lose the occasional packet of flour, you could face an extended battle if you don’t get on the problem early.

Thankfully, a combination of prevention strategies and pest control products such as pantry moth traps can ensure your pest problem is easily solved. With that said, there is nothing worse than thinking you’ve gotten rid of a pantry moth problem, only for them to come right back and ruin more food.

You’ll want to make sure that you solve your pantry moth pest problem once and for all. This is why you need to use an effective, powerful, and fast-acting combination of pest control products, including pantry moth traps. When it comes to dealing with pests, Hovex has all the answers. Our wide range of pest control solutions is sure to remove any and all pantry moth infestations from your home so that you can get back into the kitchen without any worry.

Hovex is a proudly owned Australian brand that focuses exclusively on manufacturing the most effective, innovative, and practical pest solutions in Australia. First seen as a brand in 1949, Hovex has since developed into one of Australia’s leading pest control brands. In time, the Hovex range has evolved and developed into a wide range of products to deal with the following nasties:

Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths, Silverfish, Wasps, Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Cockroaches, Ticks, Rodents and Bed Bugs.

The Hovex Brand has been built on three simple principles:

  • Effectiveness – Hovex products will solve your pest issues. If not, you’ll get your money back.
  • Innovation – Hovex has consistently innovated within the market, aiming to deliver the best possible results to all users. Nothing beats our ‘Extra Strength Formulations’, made and developed with just one thing in mind: controlling unwanted pests.
  • Value – Buying Australian Made and Owned shouldn’t mean paying more. We make a commitment to our loyal consumers that we’ll continue to offer you value products that are widely accessible.

When it comes to ridding your home of pantry moths, there’s only one choice – Hovex.

Hovex’s Pantry Moth Trap 2pk is a non-toxic, powerful, effective trap that attracts and captures pantry moths in your kitchen, cupboard, or pantry, providing fast-acting protection. Results can be seen immediately after setup as the trap works to attract male moths with a pheromone lure in order to break their breeding cycle.

Are you looking to get ahead of the problem and install preventative measures? Look no further than Hovex’s 18g Moth Ball Capsule 2pk, a simple yet effective way of deterring moths and pantry moths from entering your hone. The balls are encapsulated and designed to simply hang in your chosen location. Depending on conditions, these balls last between 3-6 months, are easy-to-use and disintegrate toward the end of their life cycle, so you know when they need replacing.

Whatever your pantry moth situation may be, Hovex can help. All of our pest control products are made in Australia, for Australian conditions, to kill Australian pests. Shop our full range today!


Moth Traps Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pantry Moth Traps Work?

Yes, our moth traps work if placed in the right locations where moths consistently lay their eggs. By limiting moths from laying their eggs, these traps effectively interrupt the life cycle of the moths, reducing their presence. When used over an extended period of time, you will eventually remove all trace of pantry moths from the area.

Hovex non-toxic traps are pesticide-free and work to attract male moths using a pheromone lure. Once drawn, the moth becomes stuck against the sticky walls inside of the box.

If you spot an infestation, conduct a close examination of all food items, corners, and crevices to identify the source. Spray this area with insect killer or lay a trap to rid the area of pantry moths.

Do Pantry Moth Traps Work for Clothes Moths?

A pantry moth trap uses a different type of pheromone than clothes moth traps to attract moths. This means that if you have clothes moths, pantry moth traps will not work. Likewise, if you have pantry moths, clothes moths’ traps will not work.

If you’re looking to solve a clothes moth problem, try using Hovex Clothing Moth Traps to prevent the issue from worsening. Our clothing moth traps are long-lasting, capturing moths and solving the problem instead of just deterring moths. As clothes moths seek dark, dusty, undisturbed spaces such as closets to breed, we recommend placing the traps in and around your wardrobe.

Make sure to be vigilant all year round for clothes moths, especially in warmer parts of the year. Only put clean clothing back into your closet, and air your freshly washed clothes before placing them in your wardrobe. As moisture is critical for clothes moths breeding cycle, it is recommended to avoid placing damp clothes into your closet.

How to Use Pantry Moth Traps?

To use Hovex Pantry Moth Traps effectively and reliably, follow these directions:

Remove both traps and set up each one
Place where pantry moths are seen. Locations can include your basement, pantry, kitchen, or other food storage areas.
Select a site with good air circulation but where it will not be damaged by swinging doors or foot traffic.
Experience a pantry-moth free kitchen!

Where to Buy Hovex Pantry Moth Traps?

Hovex Pantry Moth Traps are available in most leading supermarket and hardware retailers. Visit your local Woolworths or Bunnings to purchase our traps today! As always, it’s better to get on the problem before it worsens, meaning traps can also be used as a preventative measure in case you’re unaware of an existing pantry moth problem.

Typical signs of Infestation?

The typical signs of ___ infestation include:


Consumed food, holes in clothing, sighting of maggots, high activity around general electrical lighting.

  • Pantry Moth
  • Clothing Moth